GAME SCHEDULES are posted on the links to the right. If any game is canceled during the season due to weather we will post the information on our Facebook Page.

Below is some GAME DAY PROTOCOL. We ask that everyone do their part to help ensure we have a SAFE and FUN season.

1. ALL persons 10 years or older SHALL WEAR A MASK while at soccer fields.
2. Persons 10 or older who do not have on mask will be asked to put on one or to leave fields. *Mask will be available to purchase at the concession stand.
3. ALL players are STRONGLY encouraged to WEAR a mask while NOT actively participating in the game, i.e. sitting on sidelines.
5. SOCIAL DISTANCING SHALL be practiced among ALL PLAYERS when NOT actively playing in a game. *During breaks players SHALL sit on field NOT benches.
6. ONLY APPROVED VOLUNTEERS are allowed on sideline with players. *No parents, siblings, etc. are allowed on player sideline.
7. FIELDS WILL BE ROPED OFF to isolate coach/players from spectators.
8. NO ONE SHALL BE ALLOWED ON FIELDS PRIOR TO 15 MINUTES BEFORE KICK OFF. *Please remain in your car or parking lot if you arrive early.
9. EVERYONE SHALL LEAVE THE FIELDS IMMEDIATELY (within 5 minutes) AFTER CONCLUSION OF GAME. *No hand-shakes/high fives. Do not linger on SOUTH side of park.
10. TEAM SNACKS MUST be PRE-PACKAGED/SEALED – no homemade treats. *Snacks should be given to coach prior to game. Snacks should be individually bagged for each player to take with them at end of game. Player should NOT OPEN/EAT team snacks WHILE AT FIELDS.
11. ANY person involved with a soccer team , i.e. player or players family member who test POSITIVE with Covid-19 SHALL REPORT IT TO CCSA IMMEDIATELY.

PICTURE DAY will be SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3. Please ask your child’s coach for time that the team is scheduled to be photographed.

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